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5 Reasons you need to be building muscle

Pumping iron in the gym

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Building muscle in the gym

When someone says they’re trying to build muscle, it conjures up visions of huge bodybuilders. This is a turn-off for many. The truth is that there are many athletes that pump iron. There are also regular people just looking to stay fit.

You may be one of those people who believe that lifting weights is a waste of time. However, here are 5 reasons you need to be building muscle.

1) You’re over forty

At some point in our thirties, if we are physically inactive, we start to lose muscle size and strength at the rate of up to 5 percent per year. This is called sarcopenia

What better way to stave off the effects of sarcopenia than pumping iron. Bar serious injuries or sickness, there is no reason we should lose the independence which aging and the associated loss of muscle will bring.

One doesn’t have to look like Arnold or Phil Heath to get the benefits of lifting weights. The truth is that it may not even be possible for you to look like that. Genetics and other factors may play a role in that look.

2) You want to lose weight

If your goal is to lose weight, a weight lifting program will help you reach that goal. If you’re new to weight lifting you will find, that you’ll start to lose some of the fat you’ve accumulated over the years. This happens in a relatively short time.

This is because you’re building muscle and that muscle is burning calories. Having that extra muscle means your body is burning fat around the clock. Add some cardio and a calorie deficit to the mix and you’ll be well on your way to losing those extra pounds.

3) You want to gain weight

What better way to gain weight than putting size on those muscles. If you’re a newbie you’ll put on a decent amount of muscle the first year or two of pumping iron.

Progressive overload is the key here. That means adding weights or reps gradually on a consistent basis to build larger muscles.

If you want to add size, adding more calories to your diet is going to help a lot in your quest for increased weight. Bear in mind to keep fast food to a minimum and add calories in small increments. If not, your belly will also increase in size.

Make sure you’re getting enough protein too. at least one gram per pound of body weight.

4) You want to get stronger

If you want to get stronger, what better way to do it than pumping iron. This is especially for the women. You won’t have to wait on a man to move the fridge for you. You’ll find that moving the couch becomes ridiculously easy.

Everyday physical tasks become easier when you’re stronger. When you’ve been pumping iron for a while, you not only become stronger but you learn how to move heavy weights. Changing a tire on the Chevy? No sweat when you’ve built muscle.

For those involved in sports, a stronger athlete is generally a better athlete. You’re less likely to get injured. It should also help make you fast as well as stronger.

5) You want to sculpt your body

Although genetics plays a large part, you can, to some extent, change your body looks by building muscle, especially in those areas of concern.

Ladies, if you want to firm up that butt, pump some iron. Focus on those lower body exercises. Deadlifts, lunges and squats will help to improve the look of your derriere.

Guys, if you want the broad shoulders that the women love, focus on working your shoulder area. Military presses, lateral flyes and rear delt flyes will help give you that 3D look. Lateral flyes, in particular will widen those shoulders. Couple that with a relative small waist and you’ll attract female attention in the office and on the beach.

In addition you should have a rounded program, but you can place more emphasis on the body part you want to improve.

So, get on a program to build muscle as soon as possible. Your body will thank you for it.

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