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6 Ways to get Big Arms

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6 Ways to get big arms

So you want big arms. No, we’re not talking fat arms here. We’re talking big muscular biceps and triceps. The sleeve -busting variety. The type that turns heads in public.

I can guarantee if you follow these ways, you’ll have larger set of arms hanging off your shoulders in a couple months.

1) Progressive overload

For any muscle to grow, you need to add stress to it on a gradual basis. Every week you should be adding one repetition to your basic curls.

Once you can do twelve to fifteen repetitions, add an additional two to five pounds and work your way up once more.

You can also add volume to your arm workouts. If you’re doing five to seven sets, you can add more sets. I would recommend twelve sets as a maximum for this relatively small body part.

Decreasing rest time between sets is another way of progressive overload. Two minutes would be the normal rest time for arms, so a thirty second to one minute rest would add stress to the workout.

2) Work both biceps and triceps

Arm size is not only made up of biceps, but hitting the triceps hard, will help put inches on your arms.

Triceps make up the majority of your arm size. Narrow grip bench presses, tricep dips, and lying tricep extensions are basic exercises that will add inches to your arm size.

Rope tricep pushdowns, standing dumbell tricep extensions and bench dips are additional tricep exercises that will add shape as well as size to this three-headed muscle.

For biceps, you can rely on bicep curls and dumbell curls as basic exercises to add mass. Hammer curls are another great exercise as they work the brachioradialis. This is a muscle which lies underneath the biceps. Adding size to this muscle, makes the biceps appear higher and thicker. I believe hammer curls should be an integral part of an arm workout. They also help build huge forearms.

Other good bicep exercises, include preacher curls, incline dumbell curls and concentration curls.

3) Burn them!

This relates to biceps more than triceps. When you’re working biceps, make sure to work them past the pain threshold. That point where they really start to burn.

Ending a set when you start to feel a little discomfort, is not the way to get sleeve-busting arms. No pain, no gain is the key here. Don’t chicken out when you’re just getting into the growth zone.

4) Feel the contraction

For big biceps and triceps, make sure to squeeze at the top of the contraction. No flinging about the weight just to move heavy weights. Feel the exercise from top to bottom. Some cheating may be done to get those extra reps, but the exercises should be done fairly strictly.

5) Eat more

To add muscle, you have to eat more than normal. An extra 200 to 300 calories should be sufficient to help get that extra inch or two. If you’re not reasonably lean, to start with, I would advise going on a calorie deficit first. 12 to 15 % body fat is a good place to start eating more to gain muscular size.

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6) Keep track of your progress

Use your measuring tape to keep track of your gains. An inch in a couple of months is good progress, if you’re a beginner or have been working out less than a year.

If you’re an experienced lifter, the above advice might not necessarily help you, but give it a try. You just might be surprised at the extra size on those guns.

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