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My Favorite Fitness Youtube Channels

Watching youtube fitness

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Watching youtube fitness

Youtube fitness channels are a great way to get motivation and knowledge of how to lose weight as well as bodybuilding and nutrition tips. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite channels which I follow on a regular basis.


This is my favorite fitness Youtube channel. Chris Jones is a natural bodybuilder who owns this channel. If you don’t like profanity, he might not be your cup of tea. If you can get past that and you’re into bodybuilding, this is a great channel to follow.

Pumpchasers had been around since 2014. Before Pumpchasers he had a channel called Physiques of Greatness, which started in 2011.

The channel follows a lot of his personal life as well as his workouts. He promotes and sells gym wear and bodybuilding supplements. He also sells bodybuilding programs.

In my opinion, he has one of the better natural physiques, with wicked lats and arms. He also has a no-bs approach to bodybuilding advice. I’ve used his channel as motivation in getting cut (losing fat) in the past couple months.

Paul Revelia

Paul Revilia’s channel is another Youtube channel that I follow. I think that the fact that Paul is an older guy like I am has drawn me to his channel. He also has some great tips, both for bodybuilding and fat loss.

Paul is also a natural bodybuilder, who has been bodybuilding for many years. His tips are, not only based on experience but draw on a lot of scientific facts.

Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda’s Youtube channel I think you should give a look at, if you’re into hardcore bodybuilding. I’ve found his channel to be very motivational, when it comes to bodybuilding training.


Jeff Cavaliere owns this Youtube fitness channel. He gives exercise and nutrition tips on his channel. It is geared, not only towards bodybuilding, but to athletes, in general.

His advice is scientific-based and is very informative.


I find Vetruvian’s vlog to be extremely entertaining. It’s fun to watch and he gives great tips on nutrition, cutting fat and building muscle.


Kevin and Keith Hodge, the Hodge twins are the guys, who run this Youtube channel. There’s plenty of profanity to go around on their channel, so consider yourself warned if you click on one of their videos.

They’ve been around for a long time on various channels and give a lot of great bodybuilding tips.

Jeff Nippard

Jeff’s channel is extremely scientific-based, so it can be a bit boring sometimes. He does, however, have great nutrition and bodybuilding tips to give and you can’t go wrong with watching his videos.

These are my favorite fitness channels. I’d recommend them highly if you’re looking for motivation or advice on fitness and nutrition.

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